Going to Isla Verde Batangas by Private Boat in Ilijan

Here’s the instructions for going to Isla Verde Batangas by private boat.

If you have a chartered boat, your departure point is most likely in Barangay Ilijan, Batangas City (NOT in Tabangao Port, which is for public boats).

To Isla Verde by Private Boat
One of the private boats servicing tourists to and from Isla Verde Batangas

When taking a private land vehicle

When taking a private car, here are the instructions to get to Ilijan, Batangas City and finally to Isla Verde by private boat .

Follow these steps if you need to go to the market to shop for food and other stuff; there are no marketplaces in Isla Verde.

1. Take SLEX, then STAR Tollway, then exit to Balagtas.

2. Next, upon reaching Balagtas junction, go straight to Diversion Road.

3. After that, turn left under the flyover.

4. Go straight ahead along P. Burgos St.,  then turn right upon reaching rotunda (by this time, you will have gone past the City Hall).

5. Then, turn left to the DJPMM Access Road 1. It leads to Bagong Palengke. (Bagong Palengke is open from 2:30 am.)

6. When you’re done with your shopping, from Bagong Palengke going to Ilijan, take DJPMM Access Road 2; just go with the flow of passenger jeepneys passing by the market. You know you are at DJPMM Access Road 2 when you see the Batangas City Sport Center (Coliseum).

7. Then turn right to Rizal Avenue, turn left to D Silang St., go right to Evangelista St, then, right again to P Burgos St.

8. Go straight back to rotunda, but this time, turn left and go past the Immaculate Conception Church and to the Calumpang Bridge.

9. Turn right upon reaching 7 Eleven Convenience Store opposite Shell Gas Station.

10. Go past Shell Refinery, General Milling Corporation, JG Summit, & Monte Maria. Monte Maria is in Barangay Pagkilatan. Next to it is Barangay Ilijan. Contact your boatman upon reaching the barangay arc to inform him of your arrival, so he can tell you where his exact location is.

Your Boat Service Provider’s Contact Info

We provide our guests with the boatman’s contact information along with a set of some important reminders when going to Isla Verde by private boat.

As of this writing, the usual pick-up point in Ilijan is next to Vista de Puente Resort. The boatman will also tell you where to park your land vehicle. 

For more information, you can best reach us through our Facebook page. To see all articles about transportation to Isla Verde, click here.

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