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We arrange reservations for the following activities with 3rd Party Service Providers exclusively for our guests. Please click links to see rates and suggested itineraries.

Snorkeling at the Sampalukan Fish Sanctuary

Trek & Snorkel

Beach Hopping

Hiking to Mt. Dagit-Dagit Peak

Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages Orders, Cook / Kitchen Helper for Hire, Kitchen Rental

Private Boat Rental

3rd Party Chartered Boat Services Bookings


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Booking is still OFF on this site, but WE ARE OPEN. Click for details.

Hi! Engracio’s Beach Huts Rental is open from January 2022.

One group / family per booking only (for the meantime). 
375 per pax (lowest rate ever!)
*Private room with shower and toilet (freshwater included)
Minimum 8 pax. Complete details here: