Going to Isla Verde: Transport Direction to Tabangao Port via Public Land Transport

The first thing you need to know in order to reach Engracio’s Beach Resort, Isla Verde, Batangas City is to get to Tabangao Port. Follow the transport direction below if you are taking a bus from anywhere in Metro Manila to Batangas City.  First, take a look at the following list of Metro Manila stations for Batangas-bound buses:
  • Alabang South Station
  • Alabang Metropolis
  • Buendia – LRT
  • Cubao
If coming from places outside Metro Manila, please contact your local information centers regarding public transport to Batangas City.
Also, please take note of the boat trip details:
  • Tabangao Port to Isla Verde: ETD 9:00 AM ONLY.
  • Boarding Time: 1-2 hours before ETD (even earlier)
  • No Seat Reservations; first come, first served.
  • Travel Time: 1-1.5 hours
Ideally, your bus should be in transit starting 4:00 AM. Traffic is usually heavy in the main thoroughfares of Batangas City.

Transport Direction to Tabangao Port via Public Transport

1. From Manila, take a bus going to Batangas City – any one with the signage “Batangas City Pier, Grand Terminal.” Take note that boats to Isla Verde are NOT in Batangas City Pier.
2. Get off at the Grand Terminal; then take any jeepney going to Bagong Palengke (there is a Lumang Palengke; please make sure you mention “Bagong” Palengke to the driver).
3. Get off at Bagong Palengke and transfer to another jeepney going to Tabangao. Tell the Tabangao driver you are getting off at “Biyaheng Isla Verde”.

How to Get to Engracio’s Beach Resort from Tabangao Port

In one of passenger drop-off points in Isla Verde
Please take note of our resort’s complete address:
Engracio’s Beach Resort
Aplaya, Sitio Sampalukan, Brgy. San Agusting Kanluran
Isla Verde, Batangas City
Contact Person: Gloria Macalalad
Follow the remaining steps below to reach Engracio’s Beach Resort.
4. Upon arrival at the Tabangao port, the next thing you will do is to look for a boat bound to Sampalukan where Engracio’s Beach Resort is located. Our Guest Services Team will advise you regarding which service provider to avail of, along with the following information:
  • Boarding time
  • Boat crews’ contact information
  • Docking Location (if not in Tabangao).
5. Make sure to inform any of the boat crew members that you are getting off at Sampalukan and you are Mrs. Gloria Macalalad’s guest/s. 
6. Upon reaching Sampalukan Boat Stop, walk to the right (when facing the sea) for about 1-2 minutes. Engracio’s Beach Resort is right next to the San Isidro Labrador Chapel. 

Our Preferred Boat Service Provider

Not all Isla Verde bound boats drop by Sampalukan. Boat providers will approach you and ask for your destination. Sometimes, even if Sampalukan is not part of their usual route, they encourage passengers to choose them. The problem is that most of these boats make stops to other drop-off locations, so reaching Engracio’s may take a long time. 
The following are the boats that regularly serve Sampalukan-bound passengers:
  1. MB Super Mario (recommended)
  2. MB Saint Paul 

We recommend that you look for the boat, MB Super Mario because it usually goes straight to Sampalukan instead of making stops to other drop-off locations in Isla Verde; therefore, trip duration is shortened. If MB Super Mario is unavailable, our Guest Services Team will advise you accordingly. 

Fare Prices

Jeepney Fares
Batangas City Grand Terminal – Bagong Palengke – 12.00 
Bagong Palengke – Tabangao Port  – 17.00
Boat Fares
Regular – 120.00
Student – 100.00
Child – 50.00

It Is Not Easy to Get to Isla Verde


Honestly, going to Isla Verde is not that easy. Why? Because there is only one trip time and a limited number of boats. The boats’ estimated time of departure is at 9:00 AM. You want to make sure you arrive at the Tabangao Port 1-2 hours before the ETD. Moreover, If you missed any of the public boats, you would need to charter a boat (Go to our Guest Services page for more info).
Yes, it’s not easy to get to Isla Verde; nonetheless, many still want to go because of its relaxing vibe and friendly atmosphere. Who doesn’t want to experience an unadulterated island life right in the center of the center of biomarine diversity in the whole world? That’s why, Engracio’s Beach Resort makes sure your trip goes smoothly. We do our best to give you updates on transportation and other important info you need to plan your trip to Isla Verde well. Visit our Contact page for general inquiries and reservation.
To learn more about public boat trips to Isla Verde from Batangas City and vice versa, click here.

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