Plan Your Isla Verde Trip: Isla Verde Trip Essentials

Planning your Isla Verde trip requires a lot of patience. Why? First, it is not easy to get there. Second, while yes, Engracio’s Beach Resort provides you with the most convenient off-the-grid accommodation possible, Isla Verde is, still, well, off-the-grid. Here are the things you need to plan for for your Isla Verde Trip.

1. Transportation

Transportation to Isla Verde is a bit of a hassle. Find out why, here on this blog post:

Boat Trips to Isla Verde from Batangas City and Vice Versa

Make sure you plan your itinerary (including land transportation, market shopping, etc.) around the boat trip schedule. As mentioned in the blog post, there is only one boat trip schedule going to Isla Verde. If it’s in conflict with any of the items in your itinerary; then, you have to consider making adjustments or resort to hiring a private boat. You can always contact our guest services team to arrange one for you.

2. Meals

There are no food shops in Isla Verde and the restaurant in Engracio’s asks for reservation or food orders 3 days before check-in date. 

You may choose to bring your own food to cook. You can use the resort’s kitchen, which is complete with 2-burner gas stove, cookware (pots, pans, utensils), barbecue, and icebox. You just need to bring your own dinnerware (spoons, forks, drinking cups, plates, etc.), charcoal, and ice. No corkage fee required.

3. Activities

Gear up to enjoy Isla Verde’s outdoor activities. Make sure you bring the following items:

1. snorkels (we don’t maintain these due to hygienic reason). We have snorkeling masks for rent, limited stocks.
2. water shoes
3. toiletries, towels
4. flashlight
5. inflatables
6. underwater camera
7. anti-mosquito lotion
8. hiking shoes
9. dry bags

4. Emergencies

Unexpected things happen, such as bad weather which could postpone your trip back home;  or an injury or physical ailment. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure you have extra cash to cover accommodation expenses and food just in case your trip gets cancelled for unexpected reasons, such as bad weather. You might also need extra cash to hire a private boat if you won’t be able to wait for the next trip in case there’s an urgent matter you have to deal with and you need to leave soon. There are no ATMs in Isla Verde and you can’t use credit cards or e-money.
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  • Bring first-aid kits. There are no drug stores and hospitals in Isla Verde. Nonetheless, always observe safety precautions, especially when engaging in outdoor activities.
If you need help or suggestions regarding planning your Isla Verde Trip, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

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