Boat Trips to Isla Verde from Batangas City and Vice Versa

Here’s what you need to know about the boat trips to Isla Verde.


  • There’s only one trip time for public boats bound to Isla Verde and back to Batangas City.
  • Ports to Isla Verde: Isla Verde Boats are NOT in Batangas City Pier.
  • There are only two (2) boats regularly servicing passengers bound to Sampalukan (Engracio’s Beach Resort)
  • No increase in fare price since Summer 2018.
  • Charter a boat if you can’t join the public boat trip.

Trip Schedules

The following are the only public trip schedules available going to the island and going back to mainland Batangas City.

Isla Verde to Batangas City: ETD 4:00 AM
Batangas City to Isla Verde: ETD 9:00 AM

Yes, the trips are in the morning only. You have to be at the port 1-2 hours before the estimated time of departure. There is no seat reservation, so you want to make sure you arrive at the port early enough to secure seats. To catch the trip to Isla Verde, ideally, you have to be at the port by 7:00 AM. It’s important that you coordinate with the boat service provider to confirm boarding time. Engracio’s Beach Resort’s Guest Services Team shall provide you with the information you need, including the boat service provider’s contact number. Visit the resort’s contact page for inquiries on transportation or read our posts on transport directions (link below).

Ports for Boats Bound to Isla Verde: Tabangao and dela Paz

The port for boats bound to Isla Verde is in Leah Beach, Barangay Tabangao, Batangas City. However, in times of bad weather, such as Habagat, boats dock at Barangay Dela Paz. Boat service providers make announcement regarding change in docking location at around 5:00 AM. Our Guests Services Team picks up the information and passes it on to our guests. They also provide other details such as transport directions to any of the mentioned ports.

Boat Trips Bound to Batangas City

As mentioned, boat trips to Batangas City from Isla Verde, specifically from Sitio Sampalukan, is scheduled at 4:00 AM daily. However, in some cases, providers change schedule, sometimes at an earlier time, like 2:00 AM. Again, Engracio’s Beach Resort’s Guest Services Team coordinates with the providers regarding any changes in trip times.

Boats Bound to Engracio’s Beach Resort

MB Super Mario

Engracio’s Beach Resort is located in Sitio Sampalukan, San Agustin Kanluran, Isla Verde. Not all boats to Isla Verde get there. Upon arrival at the port, ask for the boat bound to Sampalukan. As of this writing, the boats servicing passengers of the Sampalukan-Batangas-Sampalukan route are as follows:

  1. MB Super Mario – usually goes straight to its only and final stop, Sampalukan, but sometimes drops off passengers at Mahabang Buhangin. During Habagat, they avoid the big waves in the Sampalukan area, so they make their final stop at Mahabang Buhangin. In this case, Engracio’s Beach Resort’s guests and other Sampalukan-bound passengers take a 20-minute walk from Mahabang Buhangin or hire motorcycle service called habal-habal. 
  2. MB Saint Paul – usually drops of passengers at Mahabang Buhangin. Next stop is Sampalukan and finally, Sitio Pajo in Barangay San Antonio.

Other Boat Service Providers Servicing Sampalukan-Bound Passengers

Note that the following boats don’t regularly accommodate Sampalukan-bound passengers. However, they do especially when those two boats mentioned above have already reached their maximum capacity or when they are out of service. MB Super Mario informs our Guest Services Team of which alternative boat service provider they will endorse our guests to.

  1. MB Roxane – final stop: San Andres
  2. MB Rising Sun – final stop – San Agapito

Boat Fares

Regular – 120.00
Student – 100.00
Child – 50.00

What To Do If You Miss the Public Boat Trips

If you miss the public boat trip, or if for any reasons, you don’t want to join in, you have to charter a boat. Pricing varies depending on the following:

  • The number of pax
  • The size of the boat (maximum capacity)
  • Service providers
See our Guest Services page for the price matrix and for booking instructions. Also, you may want to check this blog post out:  Isla Verde Trip: Hiring a Private Boat vs. Joining a Public Boat

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